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Casey T. Perrino

Casey T. Perrino
San Francisco, CA

Casey Perrino specializes in privacy and data protection law. Her practice covers cross-border data compliance, evaluation and development of privacy programs and disclosure policies, and contractual review. She is knowledgeable in international (e.g. GDPR, EU-US Privacy Shield), federal, and state privacy laws, as well as anti-spam legislation around the world (e.g. CAN-SPAM, CASL).

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Blog Posts by Casey T. Perrino

FTC Swats Misleading Mosquito-Repellent Claims for Sprays and Candles

A New Jersey-based company, Aromaflage, and its owners have agreed to settle charges brought by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding the company’s sale of sprays and candles that claim to be insect-repelling. According to the complaint, the company made false or unsubstantiated insect repellency claims, false establishment claims, and deceptive endorsement claims, and deceptively failed to disclose material connections with endorsers.

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Advertising, Privacy & Security, Blockchain
The FTC Prepares for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Fraud Crackdowns

Got blockchain? For many, the answer to this question is “no” but the technology and the medium of exchange built on it have arrived and many platforms and industries are looking to see how it can help facilitate transactions and allow for more efficiencies. Enter cryptocurrency, which relies upon blockchain technology, and is a secure, non-cash digital currency that is being considered in many industries as a form of payment or exchange for value. And, as often the case with newly implemented and much hyped technology, especially one that facilitates a financial transaction, the Federal Trade Commission is now paying attention.  

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